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Sun Power for Rainy City

March 11, 2007, Leave your thoughts

Architects are hoping solar panels will catch some rays in one of Britain’s rainiest cities. Plans have been drawn up for the UK’s largest set of the panels on an office block in Manchester – more famed for its wet […]

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Solar Cells Selling Fast

March 5, 2007, Leave your thoughts

World production of solar cells —which convert sunlight directly into electricity — soared to 742 megawatts (MW) in 2003, a jump of 32 per cent in just one year, the Earth Policy Institute reports. With solar cell production growing by […]

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How Solar Cells Work

March 5, 2007, Leave your thoughts

Power Without Maintenance Solar cells convert one form of energy (sunlight) into another form of energy (electricity). When the sunlight is reduced or stopped, for example, when a cloud passes in front of the sun or when the sun goes […]

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How can I get low cost Solar Grants?

March 4, 2007, Leave your thoughts

Solar grants are now available for the government’s latest funding scheme for on-site renewable energy projects, The Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP).  Evo Energy’s Carbon Solutions service can help both public sector and private sector applicants identify suitable on-site renewable […]

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Calculate your carbon profile

March 3, 2007, Leave your thoughts

Each time we turn on the TV, switch on the cooker, take a flight or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is released when fossil fuels such as oil, gas and […]

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Solar Photovoltaics

February 26, 2007, Leave your thoughts

olar PV (photovoltaic) uses energy from the sun to create electricity to run appliances and lighting. PV requires only daylight – not direct sunlight – to generate electricity. How it works Photovoltaic systems (PV) use cells to convert solar radiation […]

Evo Energy Blog

What is Solar Power?

February 22, 2007, Leave your thoughts

Solar Power is the technology of obtaining usable energy from the light of the Sun. Solar Energy has been used in many traditional technologies for centuries and has come into widespread use where other power supplies are absent, such as […]

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