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Nottinghamshire colliery set for solar

August 23, 2013, Leave your thoughts

A new solar farm development will soon be featured on a former colliery site in Nottinghamshire, the local council has revealed.  Gedling Colliery will be the home of the 5MW generation site, which will help to create enough energy to […]

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World energy needs exceed supplies

August 21, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Yesterday (August 20th) marked the estimated moment where Earth's annual demand for resources exceeds what can possibly be renewed in a year.  The Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank based in California, Europe and Japan, named August 20th […]

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UK set for climate change "postcode lottery"

August 19, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Regions in the UK could face a "postcode lottery" when it comes to how prepared they are for the impact of climate change. A recent study from scientists at Newcastle University has suggested that where you live in the country […]

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PV installations hit approximately 6MW

August 16, 2013, Leave your thoughts

Residents in the UK are continuing to embrace clean, renewable energy, with an increase in weekly installations of solar panels.  According to the latest installation figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), installations of below 50kW have […]

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Nottingham Playhouse set for green changes

August 15, 2013, Leave your thoughts

The Nottingham Playhouse has received a huge funding package which will allow it to install a number of carbon reducing technologies.  Arts Council England (ACE) has provided a massive £1 million in funding which will go towards solar panels, new […]

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Poll shows public split on fracking

August 14, 2013, Leave your thoughts

With the UK government looking for alternative methods to power the UK's homes, businesses and public facilities, reserves of natural gas under the country could soon be accessed through the controversial extraction method of fracking. The activity has been linked […]

Evo Energy Blog

Self-healing solar panels developed

August 13, 2013, Leave your thoughts

The shelf-life of solar panels is often a concern for people who are interested in installing the carbon reducing technology onto a property.  However, this worry could soon disappear, as academics at North Carolina State University have developed solar powered […]

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