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Climate Change – The Time To Act Is Now.

January 16, 2020, Leave your thoughts

Today, the BBC featured a post with a passionate Sir David Attenborough highlighting the issues surrounding global warming. In this interview, he shared his frustration on the slow progress being made to tackle the impending issue of rising global temperatures. […]

Banks of solar panels in a snowy field by grey mountains, beneath a clear blue sky

What is the future of renewable energy?

January 17, 2019, Leave your thoughts

The world is waking up to the fact that we need to secure the future of renewable energy. Global energy needs are always growing but we cannot afford to rely on the fossil fuels that have got us this far. […]

banks of solar panels in the winter snow

Do solar panels work in winter?

December 4, 2018, Leave your thoughts

It’s easy to look outside in the summer and think that solar panels are a great idea, but looking out of your office window in winter might not have quite the same effect. The three-month British winter (which may feel […]

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