London Gets 72 Million Pounds to Cut Emissions

December 19, 2008

 London will be made more energy efficient and reduce its carbon with the help of £72 million allocated by the London Development Agency (LDA).

Boosting the energy efficiency of buildings, investing in decentralised energy and improving waste use have been identified by the LDA as the areas that will provide the best route toward meeting carbon reduction targets.

The LDA announced that the £72 million will go towards cutting carbon emissions in the capital by 1.5 million, contributing to overall targets of reducing CO2 emissions in London by 60 per cent by 2025.

LDA group director for design, development and environment, Peter Bishop, said: “We need to act to mitigate the impact of climate change – which means planning for real carbon savings now. The London Development Agency is now looking to achieve tangible results and make the biggest impact in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.”

London mayor Boris Johnson, who used to call environmentalist concerns “mumbo jumbo”, recently pledged to make London the eco-capital of the world.

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