EvoEnergy is taking an industry- leading approached to measuring and cutting our carbon emissions.

Here at EvoEnergy as a renewable energy company we help others reduce their carbon emission wither that we in the form of installing solar PV, battery storage or installing EV chargers for Electric vehicles. In order to lead by example and understanding the damage carbon emissions is having on our planet, at EvoEnergy we have set out to reduce our own emissions, working with our supply chain to do this.

In order to combat climate change and reduce the carbon costs of our installations we continue to improve efficiencies in our business through rigorous measuring and have set targets for reducing not only our direct carbon emissions but reducing our wider impacts.

The War on Carbon

Watch the video below where, our Managing Director, Mark Wakeford explains why we must declare a war on carbon, for the sake of our children and our future way of life. And the importance of other companies following in EvoEnergy’s footprint and taking serious action on measuring and reducing carbon footprints.

Our Performance

At EvoEnergy we have measured our performance over a number of scopes, to understand where we are as a company and and allow us to set new targets for the future to reduce emissions. We have worked with Carbon to carry out an assessment of our employees footprint, our company footprint, the emissions per project and the emissions from our O&M services.

1. Individuals Carbon Footprint

At EvoEnergy we are driving a change in behavior within our staff and as a business as a whole. Employees at EvoEnergy are all aware and motivated to reduce there carbon footprint. Using the carbon footprint calculator employees calculated their footprints, including emissions from their house, flights, food and car use. See below for for individuals carbon footprints.

2. Our Company Footprint

Our total CO2e emissions for the year 2018/2019 was 87 tonnes. We have been industry leading in our level of measuring. The chart below shows emissions from each individual source.

3. Project and O&M monitoring

We are aware there are a number of reasons our clients approach us, wither it be financial or reducing reliance on the grid, however a main reason clients approach us is to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

Therefore in order to help clients on this journey, due to our industry leading carbon reporting, with every completed project we are able to pass over the install knowing the embodied carbon emission per install. We aim to offer not only competitive pricing but as low a carbon footprint as possible to our clients.

For O&M clients we can provide information on carbon emissions based on the individual and bespoke service provided.

Carbon Footprint Verified

EvoEnergy are delighted to have received the carbon footprint standard and is a Carbon Footprint – CO2e assessed company.  This verification highlights our carbon footprint assessment and measuring is to a high industry standard and provides up with recommendations on how to continue to reduce our emissions.  

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