Our primary solar panel suppliers

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US-based SunPower is the global leader in PV design and manufacture. Their panels are used by business and technology leaders and governmental agencies the world over and can typically generate 30% more energy than conventional solar panels.


SolarWorld was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to producing photovoltaic products. It’s supply chain is fully integrated, incorporating all elements of the solar value chain, from production of silicon to modules. The company has previously won awards for sustainability in production. SolarWorld sells products globally, with offices in Germany, Spain, USA, South Africa and Singapore.

Sharp Solar

Sharp, as a solar specialist with 50 years of experience in photovoltaics (PV), makes an essential contribution towards groundbreaking advancements in solar technology. Based on the technology of crystal silicon solar cells, Sharp photovoltaic modules have superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions and are suitable for grid connected systems.


Founded in 2005, ReneSola is a leading global manufacturer of high-efficiency solar PV modules. Leveraging its proprietary technologies, economies of scale, and technical expertise, ReneSola uses in-house virgin polysilicon and a vertically integrated business model to provide customers with high-quality, cost-competitive products.
Additional suppliers

Additional suppliers

Trina Solar

As the fifth largest panel manufacturer worldwide, Trina Solar has always dedicated itself towards offering their end customers the best value for money. Based in China, they have been manufacturing panels since 1997 and offer a wide range of panels.


Conergy was founded in Germany in 1998. Over the last fifteen years Conergy has grown to be one of Europe’s largest PV manufacturers, with over 2,000 employees operating across more than 25 counties. Conergy manufacture solar panels, inverters and mounting kits.

JA Solar

JA Solar was founded in China in 2005 and is now one of the world’s largest producers of solar cells and modules. Its standard and high-efficiency product offerings are among the most powerful and cost-effective in the industry.


One in every ten panels installed across the world was made by Suntech, and 1GW of Suntech systems were installed across the EU in 2011 alone. It’s not hard to see why it’s such a world leader, offering great-value panels with a consistently high output and guaranteed positive tolerance.


Suntellite is the newest addition to EvoEnergy’s product range and has been introduced to offer great value for money to our end customers. By manufacturing all components internally the company keeps tight control over costs and quality.

Panasonic (Sanyo)

Sanyo’s hybrid-technology panels have recently been rebranded as Panasonic. They can produce more power per square metre than other PV panels, so are ideal where space is limited.

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