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Feed in Tariff Regressions in Effect from April 2015

Feed in tariff rates for bands less than 10 kWp and above 50 kWp are set to reduce by 3.5% from April 1st for new installs from this date. The regression comes following a high level of solar pv deployment in Q4 for the 0 – 10 kWp bands, satisfying Ofgem’s trigger to marginally regress financial support from the tariff.

Similarly, the rates for bands over 50 kWp will also reduce by 3.5%. Although solar pv deployment hasn’t reached levels in Q4 to qualify for a reduction, the rules are that if a particular band hasn’t regressed in 9 months, these bands automatically trigger a 3.5% reduction.

Installs that fall in the >10 to 50 kWp band are unaffected and will keep the same rate.