UK Solar Cities

EvoEnergy examined the average annual system outputs for solar panel installations for every city in the UK to calculate the annual energy savings.

UK Solar Cities


System size 2.88 kWp
System Cost £6142 Based on 2.88kWp system; Suntellite 240 wP Panel & Delta Inverter; August 2012
Price per kWh £0.1439 Source:
Export tariff rate £0.045 Source:
Generation tariff rate £0.16 Source:



Total Annual benfit refers to: bill savings plus generation and export tariff payments, per annum

EvoEnergy assume that an average household will use 50% of the energy generated, and export 50% back to the grid

EvoEnergy assume that a typical system would be situated in a due south position, with an elevation of 35 degrees