Feed-in Tariff rates increase with inflation

March 9, 2011

The UK Government increases Feed-in Tariff rates in line with the retail price index. As of 1st April 2011 the Feed-in Tariff for Solar PV systems will increase in line with inflation (4.8% increase).

Adjusted Feed-in Tariff rates: 1 April 2011

Scale Previous feed-in tariff (pence/kWh) Updated feed-in tariff (pence/kWh)
≤4 kW new 36.1 37.8
≤4 kW retrofit 41.3 43.3
>4-10kW 36.1 37.8
>10 – 100kW 31.4 32.9
>100kW – 5MW 29.3 30.7
Standalone 29.3 30.7

For more information please visit:  ofgem

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