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Do the panels create enough power to run a washing machine during the day without using the national grid

The average wattage of a washing machine is 700W, peaking at 2000W for heating (source). A PV system that is greater that 1kWp* will be able to supply the demand for the average wattage of the washing machine. If you did not want to use any energy from the grid then you would need a system that could manage the 2000W load, which would require a system of around 2.5kWp*.

* The system sizes mentioned are based on an output of a south facing roof, at 30°, on an average clear day.

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Hi I have a big roof, and would like to put lots of solar on the roof, but don’t want to pay for an expensive grid connection. What is the biggest size I can have without a connection?

EvoEnergy only install  grid connected systems. By producing your electricity off-grid you would still get a feed-in-tariff payment but it would be significantly less than if you were on grid, and you’d also be missing out on the export payments.

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Is it possible to have a non roof mounted installation of Solar Panels

Yes, it is possible to have a non-roof mounted Solar System. You will need planning permission for this. The panels will not be roof mounted but they will still require to be tilted to catch the best of the light. This tilt is usually above 10 degrees.

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When is the best time to use your free electricity, is it whilst the red light on the meter is flashing or whilst it it stays lit?

When the red light of your generation meter is blinking this will mean your PV system is generating electricity. This will be the best time to use appliances in your house. When the red light of your generation meter is steady this means you are not producing any energy and that any energy being used in your house will all be imported from the national grid.

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Can you recommend a hybrid solar panel that heats water as well as generating electricity?

Although there is potential for hybrid solar water and electricity panels, we would not recommend them. The two different technologies work in different ways that will effect each other.

Solar thermal (water) requires hot temperatures to heat water, whereas solar PV (electricity) operate better when they are cooler. Also solar thermal required less space to be able to heat hot water or the house, whereas solar PV require a  lot of roof space to be able to power a house.

If a property had limited roof space and wanted to get the best of both technologies then we would perhaps suggest hybrid panels, but one of the two technologies will have less efficiency than if used on their own.

There are other options for heating hot water like immersion smart switches.

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My parents do not have access to piped gas. Would they be eligible for the FIT?

The Feed in Tariff that is paid for a solar PV system is not linked in any way to whether a property has access to piped gas. Every solar PV system, as long as installed under MCS guidelines (ie with MCS accredited products and by an MCS installer) will be eligible for the FITs.

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